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Price Honda BR-V

Price Honda BR-V - Indonesia has become a strategic market for car manufacturers to release new products. Not long ago we were surprised by the news of the presence of Honda BR-V which is low manifold car SUV or crossover vehicle. At this class, in fact Honda has had Honda HR-V are both carrying bongsor design with 3 three-row seating. But both low SUV car will be marketed in different classes, which for Honda BR-V will be available one level below the HR-V.

The car was first introduced at the event Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) in 2015, and immediately make visitors of the event terperanga, because Honda BR-V has the outside look so manly, and looks very similar to the Honda HR-V. Unfortunately for the marketing of this new car will be marketed in early 2016. Although not yet officially released, but many dealers do open indent for automotive enthusiasts who are interested in buying Honda BR-V.
The allure of the latest car from Honda is indeed very large. Because Honda BR-V offers a premium characteristics of an SUV, although in terms of price is quite affordable. Price Honda BR-V itself is priced starting from 230 millions to 300 millions according to the type. As for the type, Honda menyedikan 3 type, which consists of S-type (M / T), E (M / T, CVT) as well as the type of Prestige (CVT) as the highest type available which includes a variety of more advanced features.
To spur the kitchen, the car carrying the machine base All New Honda Jazz, the machine type i-VTEC 4-cylinder 1500 cc. The engine usage mebuat BR-V Honda performance more perfect, and has a smooth pull that characterizes the Honda Jazz. Although the capacity of the engine is still far below the Honda CR-V, but the car is able to compete with the Honda HR-V equally powerful 1500 cc engine wear. To see more like what ketanguhan this SUV, let us refer to our review article Specifications and Price Honda BR-V below.Specifications and Price Honda BR-V
Specifications and Price Honda BR-VSpecifications Honda BR-VMachine

Engine: i-VTEC
Capacity / Content Silender: 1,496 cc
Number of Cylinders: 4 cylinders
Jumlak Valve: 12 (Type D & M) and 16 (Type X & R)
Diameter x Stroke: 72.0 x 81.0 mm (Type D & M), 72.0 x 79.7 (Type X & R)
Maximum power: 88 kW (120 PS) /6.600 rpm
Maximum torque: 145 Nm / 4600 rpm

P x L x T: 4,455 x 1,735 x 1,650 mm
Wheelbase: 2,660 mm
Ground Clearance: 200 mm

1.5L S: 6-Speed ​​M / T
1.5L E: 6-Speed ​​M / T, and CVT A / T
1.5L Prestige: CVT A / T
Suspension System

Front: MacPherson Strut
Rear: H-Shape Torsion Beam
Brake Systems


Tire Size: 195/60 / R16
Tire Type: 16 "Alloy Wheel

1.5L S: Double Din
1.5L E: 6 "Display Audio Monitor
1.5L Prestige: 6 "Display Audio Monitor
Safety Features

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)
Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)
Dual SRS Airbags
Review Honda BR-VReview Honda BR-V
Review Honda BR-V
The outside view of Honda BR-V looks so dashing with characteristics seem more aggressive and macho. You could say the design of Honda BR-V is a blend of design and Honda Mobilio Honda Jazz, resulting in an elegant design with a hollow body that looks stylish. Then to the front, there headlamp design with long shape that looks almost similar to the Honda HR-V. While at the rear stop lamp made available stand with futuristic style combined with sporty aura of the front bumper and rear bumper.
As a crossover car that is prepared to run through all types of terrain, Honda BR-V has been designed with the ideal body size. Where the form is not too big and not too small, because physically the car has a length of 4,455 mm, width 1,735 mm, height 1,650 mm size. Then to the distance axis keroda size 2.660mm, and a ground distance of 200 mm. The combination makes Honda BR-V more comfortable invited to drive and has a stable handling when passing all road conditions.
Sector continues to suspension, existing-type MacPherson Strut front suspension and rear suspension H-Shape Torsion Beam are ready to enhance driving comfort Honda BR-V users. As for the wheels are already available 16-inch wheels wrapped front and rear tires sized 195/60 / R16. Interestingly, Honda BR-V specifications on the brake has been equipped with brakes tech ABS EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), which makes the braking system more perfect, and make the vehicle more controlled rate.
16-inch alloy wheels sporty form has been prepared to enhance the look of the outside of the car. Then for interornya part, has been designed to measure broad Kabil and has three rows of seats to accommodate seven passengers. This car is full of premium and luxury impression, because in it have provided a modern interior, one of which consists of a Double DIN audio player with 6.1 inch touch screen display to satisfy the entertainment needs of users. Do not miss the speedometer and AC Double Blower also exist on the specification Honda BR-V.
Very inappropriate if the price of Honda BR-V priced at over 200 Million to 300 Million. Because the car's exterior and interior design offers the best of crossover SUV class. Further to the machinery sector, the car carrying the type i-VTEC engine that consists of a 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve inline models. The machine proved capable of producing big power and torque at 6,000 rpm 4,600 rpm, despite engine capacity diusungnya measuring only 1,496 cc. In addition, the car is also equipped with 6-speed transmissions to produce finer acceleration.
As we say above, there are three types of Honda BR-V sold in Indonesia, namely Honda BR-V S (M / T), Honda BR-V E (M / T, CVT) and Honda BR-V Prestige (CVT ). All three types are equally equipped with 4-cylinder engine of 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine that ensures balance between speed and fuel efensinsi. However, for the highest version of the BR-V Prestige (CVT) has been equipped with a variety of advanced features that are not owned by the other series, such as feature Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist, Nano E-ionizer, and equipped Aero Kit to enhance the exterior appearance.
Prices are comparable with Honda BR-V is priced quite expensive, this car offers the best security features, the Dual Airbag System brings features to reduce the risk of injury when a collision occurs. In addition, the car is also equipped with advanced braking systems such as Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) for mencega the wheels locking when braking suddenly and braking technology equipped with Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD). Now that's a variety of advanced features available on most cars made in Honda. Next let us look at pricing information BR-V is Honda....


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